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About me

Hey there! I'm Szabi, a bit of a jack-of-all-trades living my best life between Hungary and the buzzing streets of London.

So, picture this: born and raised in Hungary, I spent a good chunk of my life rocking the stage in musicals. Yep, I've got a solid 20 years of theatre magic under my belt. But that's not all鈥攚hen I'm not belting out tunes, I'm navigating the digital world. I've been flipping between Web Developer, Photographer, and Graphic Designer hats for a good while now.

Now, let's talk tech. I've been the coding wizard at Doctorly, a cool health-tech startup in Berlin, for a solid three years. After that, I threw my skills into the ring with Abaton, another Berlin-based health-tech gig. And currently, I'm making waves as a Software Engineer in Darmstadt for Bolinda, a publishing company.

Whether I'm crafting killer websites, snapping pics, or bringing stories to life on stage, I'm all about blending tech and creativity. So, join me in this wild ride where art meets code, and let's cook up something awesome together! 馃殌

Szabolcs Hetei-Bak贸 portrait



Feeder Adventures
A Fishing competition app built with the T3 stack


A simple expense tracker app built with Remix and MongoDB


A company website built with NextJs and TailwindCSS


Andrea Mah贸
Personal website for Andrea Mah贸